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Reception room makeover

Reception room with retro vinyl floor & painted floorboards

Who knows me also knows that I am not a carpet fan. Our reception/dining room was totally carpeted up to the day in May when we finally decided to remove all of the ground floor carpets. And what can I say today? It’s so much better and cleaner. We are spending lots of time outdoors in the garden and always bring so much mud and dirt back inside.


The carpet removal was a very dusty job. Once the carpets were removed, we had a musty smell in the house which was getting better over the following weeks. It was presumably from the carpet underlay which seemed to be very old. It was exciting to see some of the floorboards had dates & signatures from people who lived previously in our house and these signatures went back into year 1970 and 1980.

After taking away the carpets, we discovered that the previous owner had used duct tape on top of almost all of the gaps between floorboards to possibly stop the draughts. It was a very difficult job to take this duct tape off.  We then removed zillions of staples which were attached to the floorboards and closed the gaps as well as larger holes (we found that cork from wine bottles and champagne bottles seemed to work really well for these larger round holes and damages you often find in the original floorboards).


A perfect fit ! Finally the floorboards were prepared to be painted white.

A bigger problem however we encountered was that the dining room extension did not have floorboards and only chipboard under the carpets.

So we decided to seal the chipboard with primer and covered this subfloor with a lovely retro grey/white vinyl chosen from a local vinyl/carpet store. We had the vinyl fitted by the same company and it was a very quick job.


We had to fit a plank to make the transition between vinyl floor and floorboards. I painted this plank white (in the same colour than the floorboards). This room sharing two different floors was the biggest challenge of our ground floor refurbishment but it turned out great.

We think it was rather a good idea to continue with the grey/white scheme which started already in the entrance hallway with the white/grey painted staircase and are pleased with the end result.


The ground floor is now not only optically more attractive but also much easier to be kept clean.




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