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Staircase makeover

Painted stairs: A glamourous staircase makeover

I have not been much around here in the last two weeks. This is simply because my hands are most of the day covered in paint. We are refurbishing the floorboards of our property. We have set us a time limit of three weeks for the work to be completed so that we’ll be able to enjoy our new lovely floors throughout the summer period. Within three weeks we want to do all of the following rooms: entrance hallway, staircase and two reception rooms. Realistic? Crazy? A real challenge !

When lifting the carpets of the first room to be refurbished, we came across a variety of mismatched floorboards and we discovered that the stairs have been painted previously many times in various shades.

Since we decided not to do any heavy sanding, our initial idea to dye the floorboards as well as the treads of the staircase in a natural walnut colour had to be changed into painted floorboards & painted stairs. The dye would not have covered the wood in the same consistency.

Here is a picture of what the staircase looked like with carpets.

Once the carpets were lifted (this was  a very quick job), the stairs were cleaned with sugar soap and hand-sanded. Some damage to the stairs had to be repaired. The lower part of the stairs had a large gap across the whole width (visible on the third picture below). But once all the work was completed, we fitted a wooden strip over this gap to cover the damage.

After sanding and cleaning we painted the stairs with two coats of white floor paint.

I am a fan of white painted floorboards so white stairs are just equally great! The first coat alone brought in so much light into the house.  AND: I love the feeling of wood under my feet! What a shame this beautiful wood was covered in carpets over the last centuries!

We decided to paint the stairs in a two-tone effect, grey and white. Therefore, we added two coats of grey to the treads and painted some elements of the banister grey as well as the handrail (in a two-tone effect). The risers stayed white. I think it turned out great.

If you would like to see the hallway makeover, please check back in a couple of weeks.

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