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How to turn your garden into an exotic paradise

You might have noticed on my Instagram account that I’m not only a keen decorator but also a gardener, too. I love a well structured garden with selected ornamental plants. I have not decorated my current garden from scratch but transformed it to my taste, undertook a makeover comprising transforming an old existing fish pond […]

Hallway with a new, warm copper glow

Finally, one year after moving in, we both agreed to remove the carpets and transform the downstairs of our house into a lighter, brighter space by painting the original floorboards white.  This time we did not pay someone to sand the floors. We decided to do it all ourselves. I was convinced though that we […]

Stylish chandelier makeover

Spring is finally there and you’ll see me more than ever with a paint brush. I’m painting walls, furniture, flower pots … actually anything which is not yet either white or grey and does not run fast enough… But the truth is that a lot of things can really  be improved with a fresh coat […]

Nursery decoration – with pom poms and wall stickers

This nursery was decorated for a very special little baby boy. I wanted to incorporate bold colours and some paper pom poms attached on the wall/to the ceiling with some string. The colour scheme comprises grey, yellow, white and black. The wall sticker is a lovely centre piece for this room and was a good choice to […]