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A ‘dramatic’ guest bedroom

After the extensive ground floor (floorboard) renovation this summer, I have delayed to start any further projects for a while. However, our guest bedroom’s brown walls have been an eye sore to me since we moved in. Now that black is back and dark painted walls are everywhere to be seen social media, I thought: […]

Oh, wait … can this not be spray-painted ?

Copper, gold and other metallics are still on trend so why not upcycling some of your unused items stored in the shed or in the loft into something new ? I promise it creates an instant shiny WOW effect and does not involve much effort. Most high street shops have cans of spray paint in […]

How to turn your garden into an exotic paradise

You might have noticed on my Instagram account that I’m not only a keen decorator but also a gardener, too. I love a well structured garden with selected ornamental plants. I have not decorated my current garden from scratch but transformed it to my taste, undertook a makeover comprising transforming an old existing fish pond […]

Hallway with a new, warm copper glow

Finally, one year after moving in, we both agreed to remove the carpets and transform the downstairs of our house into a lighter, brighter space by painting the original floorboards white.  This time we did not pay someone to sand the floors. We decided to do it all ourselves. I was convinced though that we […]

Stylish chandelier makeover

Spring is finally there and you’ll see me more than ever with a paint brush. I’m painting walls, furniture, flower pots … actually anything which is not yet either white or grey and does not run fast enough… But the truth is that a lot of things can really  be improved with a fresh coat […]