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Upcycling an old & tired looking radiator cabinet

Since about a year ago, I have had in mind to finally cover our radiator in the living/dining room with a radiator cabinet. Our uncovered radiator was always an eyesore to me. Somehow I never got around to tackle this until a sales ad on my local Facebook selling page with an old radiator for sale popped up. I was the first to react. However, as I arrived to collect the item, the radiator cabinet was not in very good condition. It looked tired with a slight yellow tint and had some damage to the wood. It was in need of an urgent makeover. However, I knew I could upcycyle it and probably turn it into a gem. So I decided to buy it.

Here is a picture of what the item looked like after collecting from the previous owner and before the makeover.

Out in the garden, equipped with waterbased white gloss, the cabinet received a new breath of life and this is what it looked like afterwards:

Bright, white, as new! I was pleased with the new look of the cabinet. However back inside, I was not too convinced about the canvas above the radiator cabinet.

I realised quickly that the canvas has to change position and I moved it into a different corner of the room. Two wire baskets with copper handles filled with houseplants were placed on top of the radiator cabinet and bring that certain industrial style I was looking for.

I need to remember to water the plants daily due to their dry location or replace them with fake plants if my plans do not turn out as expected.

Soon, I am going to replace the carpets with white floorboards as well. I cannot wait…


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