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Trendy, must – have house plants for 2018

When we browse social media sites such as Instagram or Pinterest, we quickly realise that nowadays almost no home is missing out on lush greenery. I introduce you to some of my favourites. P.S. If you also have black walls or are planning to style them dark, you have done the right thing. Any greenery against dark walls is just looking stunning !

STRING OF PEARLS: The beauty of them all. It is such an elegant succulent looking great as a hanging plant trailing down. It does not need to be watered too frequently and is therefore low maintenance (Well, we’ll see… I only purchased one last week for the first time!)

I have a MOTHER IN LAW’S TONGUE which is growing in a macrame hanging planter. So far it has been a very easy growing, low maintenance plant. 

I’d always wanted a SANSEVIERA plant. I now have one sitting on a shelf in front of a gallery wall. Does it not make the feature wall complete? It is very low maintenance, too.

Of course, every trendy house needs a MONSTERA. Mine is growing in a darker corner of the house and is doing really well there.

Architectural plants are my favourite. I have several MUSA BASJOO plants. Some of them stay inside over the winter period. They will go back outside in March and will then produce new leaves and grow even taller.

I have been given for Christmas another architectural plant, an ALOCASIA (elephant’s ear). So far it is doing really well and has already grown a new leaf. It does not look real but I promise it is !

ALOE VERA: I have mine from IKEA and they are growing in pots on top of my radiator cabinet. Maybe not a great position for a plant to start with but mine are growing really well. I just have to remember too water them more frequently due to their position.  I bought them last year and they multiplied and grew really tall within one year.

If you are not green-fingered, you could try IVY. Ivy is  not only cheap to purchase but also a pretty plant when trailing down from hanging baskets. They are also very easy to care for. Some of mine are even on top of my radiator cabinet and are still alive there ! Most of mine are from IKEA and came in a very good length. But every common garden centre usually sells them. Good luck!

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