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French style decorating

The classical ‘toile de jouy’ theme combined with a bright interior

A house decorated throughout in toile de jouy print

When we moved into our first house, the master bedroom used to have fitted wardrobes and hanging cupboards on every wall. They felt immense reaching up to the ceiling and were everywhere. The bed was embedded in this build-in structure in the centre of the room, surrounded left and right by bedside tables which were again fixed to the wall. Every furniture piece of the room was part of the same fitted structure, everything was attached to each other.  There was no available wall space to display some artwork. The ceiling had circle patterned wallpaper and was decorated with golden spotlights. The flooring was carpet. To me it was clear: Everything had to go. But I had to convince my other half which took me a few years. The idea was to give the room some French style character with the classic toile de jouy theme used for soft furnishings and a freestanding wardrobe as the key feature of the room.

Burgundy, cream, white

The fabric for the curtains and soft furnishings came from the Curtain Factory Outlet in London, a place I discovered after we purchased our property. I was amazed at the huge choice of various designer fabrics to amazing prices. I chose various toile de jouy fabrics in different colours and decided to furnish our first house throughout in a toile de jouy theme, choosing a different colour for every room. This specific room was given the burgundy toile de jouy theme.

The room underwent a full refurbishment. The ceiling was overboarded and given a smooth finish. Walls were repaired and replastered.  The old spotlights were removed and a chandelier was chosen. Carpets were removed and the floorboards sanded as well as painted. And voila the French look was created ! A large French style wardrobe was chosen as focal point of the room as well as a second key piece a large oversized mirror leaning against the wall resting on the floor. Various little items such as a smaller mirror and a shelf as well as a chair were painted to match the colour scheme.

The same toile de jouy theme can be found in the living room. I decided to go for a mustard/golden coloured toile de jouy print for the curtains and cushions for this room, created a little headboard bench – one of my first DIY projects with little storage boxes underneath.

The loft room had the toile de jouy print in blue with blinds I made out of of a different colour matching fabric and accessories such as a lamp shade in similar looking fabrics. The IKEA Billy shelves were painted white and each was covered by a curtain so that less pretty books and booklets could be well hidden behind (meaning my husbands books).

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