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Stylish chandelier makeover

Spring is finally there and you’ll see me more than ever with a paint brush. I’m painting walls, furniture, flower pots … actually anything which is not yet either white or grey and does not run fast enough…

But the truth is that a lot of things can really  be improved with a fresh coat of paint. This chandelier was only hanging in our living room as it was inherited from the people who lived in the house before us. The upcycling of this item took place over one year gradually. This is what the chandelier looked like to start with (on removal day, because ignore the chaos):

I found online quite inexpensively a set of five lampshades.  The shades were the same colour than the sofa we just purchased so a perfect fit. I decided to replace the glass shades of the chandelier with these fabric shades and on arrival of my delivery, I was really pleased to find out that they fitted perfectly.  I added a few crystals to the chandelier which was an immediate improvement. So around Christmas time, the chandelier looked like this:


I was not so sure at the time yet if I wanted to change the colour of the chandelier too since it was a good match to the mirror above the fireplace.

However, as I have painted the fireplace in a chalky cream colour and had some left over paint (I am not a fan of spray paints), I decided to give painting the chandelier a go and it did turn out like this:

Not too bad after all. Worst case, we could have replaced the lighting but I am pleased with the end result. However, I have decided not to add the crystals anymore.

So, what do you think ? Was it a good idea to paint?

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