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How to decorate a twig tree/make paper mache eggs for Easter

The clock is ticking. Not long and Easter will be there.

I have displayed a hare cushion in shades of cream, yellow and green in our hallway which is a perfect fit for the aloe vera plant. Spring is clearly there and decorating with green brings a certain freshness into our house.

I love decorating for occasions such as Christmas or Easter and to use my own natural resources available in the garden such as twigs which can be sprayed or painted. This is our easter decoration for 2017. A simple but lovely centrepiece put up on the living room desk.

Very special to me are also curved willow twigs. They give such a particular different look and combined with colourful eggs in pastel shades are just turned into the focal point of the room at Easter. You may be able to purchase them or other curved twigs at your local florist or local supermarket. Place them all in a vintage style jug or a galvanised planter/bucket works well too and decorate them with eggs or other easter decorations such as the colourful clips we used on a twig centrepiece a few years ago.

We made the eggs sitting on top of the cupboard out of paper mache and all we needed to buy for this project were balloons.

Here is all you need:

  1. balloons
  2. paper mache paste (we made our own, non-toxic)
  3. newspaper strips or other paper torn in strips

Blow up a few balloons and use a brush to apply the paper mache paste. Decorate the balloons with the strips of newspaper or other torn paper (we have used newspaper, coloured paper and tissue paper). However, using tissue paper can be quite messy as colour ended up on our hands and furniture and I had a hard time removing it from the furniture so you need to be careful if you choose to use tissue paper.

You can repeat this step up to 2-3 times so that you have several layers of paper.

Instead of using colourful tissue paper, you can use newspaper and then paint the balloons once the paper mache has been fully dried (check the next day if this is the case) or decorate them with anything you wish.

Very simple, very stylish and very cheap to make !

Happy Easter to everyone !

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