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Feature walls

How to create a feature wall and add some colour to a room

Finally I had my Bouji chairs for the living room. I wanted them since they popped up for the first time as an ad on my Facebook profile. So we bought two of those chairs in biscuit beige. The idea was to incorporate some pink and bright colours in form of soft furnishings and wall art into our mainly in beige and earth tones decorated living room. But what on earth could I display on the wall just behind my new chairs?

When it comes to wall hangings, this is the step I normally leave for in the end when everything else in terms of decorating has been done.  After some research, I finally found these great prints in shades of pink and framed them with oak coloured picture frames matching our oak door frames perfectly. The wooden HOME letters were added in a more unusual way between the frames.

For the letters, no drilling or putting nails in the wall was required as I have used blue tack. The letters I used for my wall are rather lightweight. The bouji chairs with the colourful cushions and the feature wall in shades of pink- a perfect fit.

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