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Hallway makeover

Hallway with a new, warm copper glow

Finally, one year after moving in, we both agreed to remove the carpets and transform the downstairs of our house into a lighter, brighter space by painting the original floorboards white.  This time we did not pay someone to sand the floors. We decided to do it all ourselves. I was convinced though that we could get away without much sanding. The floorboards underneath the carpets looked in pretty good condition.

So this is what it used to look like (a bit boring!):

When taking down the heavy toile de jouy curtains (they had their time but will certainly be back another time in the future) and removing the coat stand into another room, I quickly realised how much these two items were actually blocking the natural light coming through to the hallway. It was clear that curtains and coat stand would not be moved back into the hallway after the floor refurbishment.

To help making the hallway lighter, we used white floor paint and decided to integrate some copper accessories such as an oversized white lamp shade with copper material on the inside of the lamp. I spray painted two pots with copper spray and planted two Aloe Vera plants in these planters. They were placed on the left and right handed window sills underneath the windows and give the hallway now a symmetrical look. I also spray painted cheap frames with copper spray and displayed wallpaper samples (again, wallpaper with copper effect) in these frames.

A great find was this copper stool from Sainsbury’s home range which I managed to get hold of in the sale. Wonderful ! Who doesn’t fancy such a bargain?

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