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Feature walls

Decorating a narrow hallway with a wallpaper art gallery

Up to two weeks ago, there was not much in our dark upstairs hallway besides a large oversized mirror and a chair with a cushion.

The walls had been painted in grey and magnolia by the previous owners. The colours were far too dark for the narrow passageway. Time for a change.

I found some bright white water-based gloss and painted the so far untreated banister and staircase railing which had a yellow tint from the previous gloss paint. First step successfully achieved. An instant improvement as you can see on the right picture !


I painted then all walls white except one grey feature wall which was left grey as it has a beautiful oversized mirror leaning against it. The grey colour sets the mirror really off.


I was much happier since finally our hallway was filled with some precious light. The carpets will be staying with us for a few more weeks but I am preparing the rest of the decor for an all white, airy look and eventually the white painted stairs and floorboards will be adding some more light. Next step was to decorate the hallway landing.

I had the idea in mind to create an art gallery with some wallpaper samples in yellow and grey which I chose to be framed. I had a selection of white frames stored in the shed but not used at the moment, so I saved some money by repurposing these frames.

A very narrow bookcase has been added to the hallway and filled with rustic baskets and crates. I chose above that bookcase was the right place for my art gallery to be displayed. I think all these different white picture frame styles and the pattern of the wallpaper help to achieve a soft, feminine look.




Two more mirrors have been added to two further walls of this hallway which help to reflect light.

An old stool was reupholstered in a yellow scandi style fabric which used to be a lovely kitchen towel. I love the greenery on top of the bookcase which really creates a feeling of freshness. Spring is finally there and Summer not too far away. So this is my hallway makeover.  Now I’m waiting for my new white floorboards. I will update once this has been done. What do you think of my makeover so far?


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