A new cosy garden corner

I’m back ! I’ve been quite busy the last weeks getting the garden back into shape after the long winter we had. We are lucky to live in an area where houses benefit from gardens bigger than average size (one of the main reasons why we bought the house!).  One specific area of the garden […]

How to turn your garden into an exotic paradise

You might have noticed on my Instagram account that I’m not only a keen decorator but also a gardener, too. I love a well structured garden with selected ornamental plants. I have not decorated my current garden from scratch but transformed it to my taste, undertook a makeover comprising transforming an old existing fish pond […]

How to improve your garden sheds with paint

When we moved into our new house, there were two sheds in the back of the garden painted in green and brown. I used cream garden paint to update the look of both houses and make them look alike. The look of the windows have been improved too by adding strips of wood as window […]