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Children's rooms makeover

A pretty girl’s room – a bit more grown up

I have created this room while still pregnant. I was aware that it would not be used for a little while until after the baby would be born but who knows me also knows my impatience. The carpets were removed and floorboards were sanded and painted – alone with this step an instant improvement was achieved and the room appeared very light and bright. I have chosen one wall as the feature wall. We fitted a dado rail to split this rather large wall into two parts.  An ornamental mirror which has been hung above the rail was the focal point of the room and made the nursery combined with the chandelier look rather mature. A very old antique chair I found in a charity shop was painted white and reupholstered in a floral oil cloth. The flower print gave the room some playful appearance.

With the time the children have grown and the room decor matured, too. Their own artwork has been added to the walls or pretty special occasion dresses have been hung from the mirror such as the christening dress giving the room an instant glamorous effect.


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