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Oh, wait … can this not be spray-painted ?

Copper, gold and other metallics are still on trend so why not upcycling some of your unused items stored in the shed or in the loft into something new ?

I promise it creates an instant shiny WOW effect and does not involve much effort. Most high street shops have cans of spray paint in stock. I tried a variety of cans in copper & gold purchased online on Ebay and within high street stores. By trying out, you quickly find out which ones go with the rest of your decor as each of them has their own nuance of gold, copper or silver.

So what have I done with the spray paint?

This vintage suitcase only cost me 3£ and I found it in a charity shop. It used to look like this:

I saw its potential already in the shop and it has now totally changed appearance with help of some gold spray. It holds all our shoes stored under the entrance cupboard and looks like this:

On top of it is a very old picture frame once owned by my great grand-mother. It used to be a very old & tired looking golden tone but it has changed over time. First I changed it into a shabby white but it’s now gold again, more shiny than ever. I also changed the picture with a print I purchased online and VOILA: Instant glamour !

Another example is this bread basket I found for 1£ in a charity shop. It used to be silver metallic and is now a wonderful new trendy item displayed at the entrance hallway to welcome visitors. It holds a wine bottle I repurposed into a vase to display olive tree twigs. Equally glamorous ! The cacti pots were just brown plastic pots but have been turned with a touch of spray into something precious.

This picture frame on the right was a cheap buy. I sprayed it copper and added some wallpaper sample in the same colour scheme. I also spray – painted some plastic pot plants copper and they are now filled with aloe vera plants sitting on the window sill next to our entrance.

Well.. once I started, it seemed like a never-ending story. So many times I ask myself now: ‘Oh, wait – can this not be spray – painted and look again like new?’ rather than driving our rubbish down to the local recycling centre.




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